Zaid Al Hussein & Brothers Group


The contracting sector is the core of ZAID ALHUSSAIN & BROTHERS GROUP as the first sector in which the company started its activities in 1976. Its projects include cosmetic projects, agricultural production, infrastructure projects and construction of buildings. 
The contracting sector provides design, planning, implementation, maintenance and operation services for several projects including:
Landscaping, beauty projects, road lighting, construction of buildings, sidewalks and walkways, and the implementation of infrastructure works for cities and buildings, including mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, and advanced technical works and solutions. 


  • 250
  • 3800
  • 700
    Accomplished Projects


  • Road and Street lights
  • Walkways and green sidewalks
  • Sewerage lines creation and connecting
  • Electricity and Electro-Mechanical work
Some of Our Projects
  • Infrastructure works implementation in Ras Al-Khair
  • Infrastructure works implementation for albukairyah housing
  • Infrastructure works implementation for Riyadh Alkahbra housing


  • Hardscape and softscape
  • Design and implement agriculture work
  • study, design, implementation and maintenance of immigrant systems
  • Agriculture maintenance
Some of Our Projects
  • Implementation and maintenance of Bielsan Garden in KAFD
  • Maintenance and opration of Riyadh Zoo
  • Implementation, maintenance and operation of King Salman Park in Banban


  • Construction
  • Finishing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Maintenance and operation
Some of our Projects
  • Rokoun Buildings - Khobar (47,000 sqr.m)
  • Villas complex - Riyadh (44 residential villas)
  • Singles buildings complex - Riyadh (172 apartments)