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Rokoun residence, an elite housing complex located on the coastal road in Gaiss Ibn Alhassin Street, surrounded by a pleasant recreational area is everything you would look for if you are seeking comfort and peace of mind. Zaid Al-Hussein created the perfect mix between modern style and advanced infrastructure to give you and your family comfort and delightful experiences.

The apartment’s complex is built using the latest in construction and environmental friendliness technology provisioning its tenants with both a modern and classy style of living.


Singles Residence Building: The project consists of 4 residential buildings, with a total area of 9230.5 square meters on four streets, and the buildings are equal in size and similar in unit areas. The total area of the complex is 25620 square meters with a total of 172 housing units.
The building has a good location close to Makkah Road and Um Al-Mumeneen Khadija Bint Khuwailed Street Station, making it a suitable place for workers to live.

Luxury Residential Villas Complex: It’s a project under construction, belonging to the management of Rokoun Real Estate project. And it’s located north of Riyadh in Al-Nafal neighborhood. The project of adjacent residential villas consists of a recreational basement, ground floor, first floor and a residential second floor with a total area of 18196 square meters.

Al-Sultan Tower: Al-Sultan Tower is one of the projects carried out under the supervision and implementation and design of the management of Rokoun Real Estate. The building is located in the city of Riyadh in Al-Woroud district, with a total area of 3555 square meters. The tower contains seven office floors, in addition to two service floors, and three underground parking lots, in addition to a commercial floor.

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